Leslie Ikemoto , Okan Arikan , David Forysth

Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D) 2006

Footskate, where a character’s foot slides on the ground when it should be planted firmly, is a common artifact resulting from almost any attempt to modify motion capture data. We describe an online method for fixing footskate that requires no manual clean-up. An important part of fixing footskate is determining when the feet should be planted. We introduce an oracle that can automatically detect when foot plants should occur. Our method is more accurate than baseline methods that check the height or speed of the feet. These baseline methods perform especially poorly on noisy or imperfect data, requiring manual fixing. Once trained, our oracle is robust and can be used without manual clean-up, making it suitable for large databases of motion. After the foot plants are detected, we use an off-the-shelf inverse kinematics based method to maintain ground contact during each foot plant. Our foot plant detection mechanism coupled with an IK based fixer can be treated as a black box that produces natural-looking motion of the feet, making it suitable for interactive systems. We demonstrate several applications which would produce unrealistic motion without our method.