Okan Arikan

Siggraph 2006

We present a lossy compression algorithm for large databases of motion capture data. We approximate short clips of motion using Bezier curves and clustered principal component analysis. This approximation has a smoothing effect on the motion. Contacts with the environment (such as foot strikes) have important detail that needs to be maintained. We compress these environmental contacts using a separate, JPEG like compression algorithm and ensure these contacts are maintained during decompression.

Our method can compress 6 hours 34 minutes of human motion capture from 1080 MB data into 35.5 MB with little visible degradation. Compression and decompression is fast: our research implementation can decompress at about 1.2 milliseconds/frame, 8 times faster than real-time (for 120 frames per second animation). Our method also yields smaller compressed representation for the same error or produces smaller error for the same compressed size.